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Gerber Toilets

• USA Factory-Direct Supplier
• Highest Quality Standards
• Best High-Efficiency Toilets
• Uses Up To 30% Less Water
• Active EPA WaterSense Partner

For over 80 years, Gerber Plumbing Fixtures has been producing a comprehensive line of high-performance, high-efficiency and eco-friendly plumbing products that are sold exclusively through their dealers, such as Classic Plumbing Solutions.

They guarantee affordable plumbing products engineered to perform and they are backed by “Best in Class” customer service. Products are designed and manufactured in their own facilities and Gerber is a proud member of the U.S Green Building Council.

In every way, Gerber exemplifies the new industry standard of bringing “green” into homes. Beginning with more ecological manufacturing and continuing with the efficiencies and streamlined function these products deliver after they have been installed in your bathroom and kitchen.

Conservation is also top of mind with our bathroom faucets, which use water-saving, low-flow aerators that bring water flow down to just 1.5gpm (gallons per minute). This flow reduction not only saves water, but is achieved without compromising performance.

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